Here are the most popular questions about how our ravencoin pool works. Do not hesitate to contact us for any other questions.

Please use below info to connect your RIG/Miners:
Port: 5555
Password: x or leave empty or your choice of password
Please use below info to connect your RIG/Miners:
Port: 6555
Password: x or leave empty or your choice of password
The earnings are PPLNS based and will be added to all miners based on their shares Accepted and will show it as Balance once the Blocks are Matured.
Min payout amount is 10 RVN
No, there is no payout fee
Payout happens every 2 hours to all users who have a balance of 10 RVN
We support PPLNS and SOLO payout modes
Go to Pool, search with your RVN Wallet Address. Under Workers on your Dashboard, you can check how many shares are submitted from your end
Pool gives reward based on your share percentage / your miner's hashes contribution in finding a block. Pool just reported that you found a block; yet gives no extra reward for it.
We support all kinds of wallet addresses from Exchanges/Cloud Wallet/Hard Wallet/Full Node Wallet/Faucet Wallet.
However ensure you are using correct RVN Wallet Address.
We recommend against using Exchange addresses as they may hamper your ability to receive frequent payouts.
You can reach out to us on our Telegram / Discord Channels:

The Pool payout occurs every 2 hours. If you have mined min. payout balance then the pool will release the payout else it will release the funds in the next turn (2 hrs) if you have the min. withdrawal amount of 10 RVN
No, the payouts are Automatic. You can check your Wallet for the payouts from the Pool
First of all, please check the payout Tx-id against the coin's block explorer: a. If it shows there and the status is pending; then you have to wait for coin blockchain to complete the confirmation steps (depends on coin's network & design), before the payment reaches your wallet. Sometimes, spikes in coin's network can also make transaction takes longer than usual to confirm. b. If it shows there and the status is received/complete; then it's your wallet issue:
  1. If you are using Exchange Wallet, then you should contact your Exchange support team to resolve this.
  2. If you are using Cold/Local Wallet, then you should make sure you have the latest version, AND, synchronize to the latest transaction of coin blockchain. In some cases, you might need to blow away your block chain entirely and start with only your wallet.dat.
  3. In very rare cases; if you could not find the Tx-id in coin's block explorer, or, if the Tx-id is blank; then you need to contact pool's admin to resolve it. Please provide your wallet address to allow pool's admin to investigate and resolve it.
No, difficulty is automatically set by the Pool. If you are renting Hashpower from MiningRigRentals then please do check with the RIG Owner and enquire what diff. their RIG supports
Yes, we support SOLO. Please change under your Miner Dashboard > Settings.
To find out more about reward systems, we suggest reading the excellent paper by Meni Rosenfeld, available A summary of his analysis can be found here.
Your mining software is telling you the rate at which it is PERFORMING the hashing, regardless of whether a valid share hash has been found or not. This is a relatively steady rate, because it is just a raw value for how fast your miner is working. Sort of like the RPM gauge on a car. If the miner submitted every hash to the pool, then the pool would also display a very steady, standard hashrate, but that would be too inefficient, and use a lot of bandwidth, as well as overload the pool servers. So, to improve efficiency, the miner only submits shares that exceed a certain value. Because of this, the pool website only sees a "share" every so often. Pool will calculate how often it is sending you work, and how often you are returning a share, and effectively "guess" at the "hashrate" that it is seeing. So, in short: you are not paid by the hashrate. You are paid by the number of valid shares you submit.
Yes, we have plans to add more coins. Use our Telegram and Discord Groups to keep getting latest updates.
We have a fee of 0.9% for PPLNS or 1.5% for SOLO.
Scroll at the very bottom of the page and you can see Roadmap Tag

PPLNS for "Pay Per Last N Share" is a payment method that rewards miners once the pool finds a block. The distribution of the block is then made according to the percentage of the shares of the miner on the last N blocks found by the pool.

Every payout method should yield about the same over a long enough period minus the fees for the selected payout method. PPLNS paying out every block should have less variance comparing to SOLO.